Help Article How do I manage or create folders in Webmail?

Webmail will only display folders that you have subscribed to. You can manage folders and subscriptions as well as create new folders by following the steps below:

  1. Browse to the Webmail login page (
  2. Login with your full email address (eg. and email password. (passwords are case-sensitive)
  3. Click the cog icon on the bottom left
  4. Select ‘Manage folders’ from the menu
  5. A list of available folders will appear on the screen with ticks for each subscribed folder
  6. You can now subscribe to the relevant folder by ticking the tick box
  7. You can now also create a new folder by clicking the plus icon at the bottom of the screen
  8. Enter a folder name and choose a parent folder if relevant
  9. Click ‘Save’ to create the new folder
  10. Webmail will automatically subscribe to the newly created folder


Please note that if you use a mail program like Outlook or Thunderbird, you will have to manually subscribe to the folder before it becomes visible within the email program.

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