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What is domain propagation?

Your website lives on a web server (in a data centre), and it is this web server which has it’s own IP address.  In addition to web servers, there are thousands of DNS servers located around the world. When a domain name is typed into a browser, it is the DNS (Domain Name System) that translates this domain name into an…

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gTLD Domain Transfer Request

Use this to find out how to transfer to a different domain such as .com, .org ect.

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When is Domain Validation required?

Whether you register, transfer or update your domain, a domain validation is now a requirement.

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How do I get the ‘Authorisation Code’ for my domain?

If you want to transfer your domain name away from Creative Natives and require the domain’s Authorisation code, you can find it here.

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How to cancel hosting with other providers

In order to transfer your email and/or website to Creative Natives, you need to cancel your hosting service with your current provider. To assist you in this process, we have listed the most common hosting companies below together with the procedure that they require. Adept 1) Fax and email a termination letter on your company’s…

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Set up Email for domains in transfer

Create and setup your email accounts during your domain transfer to xneelo to avoid any mail downtime or loss.

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