Help Article How to manage email accounts

The Mail Admin tool in konsoleH v2 allows you to manage email addresses associated with your Creative Natives domain, including resetting passwords and editing email forwarders.

See Create a new email address for a guide to adding a new mailbox or alias.

Go to the Mail Admin tool

  1. Browse to konsoleH and log in (Admin or Domain level)
  2. Select or search for the required domain name in the Hosting Services tab (only applicable to Admin level)
  3. Click Mail from the left-hand menu > Manage Accounts under Mail
  4. Select konsoleH beta

  5. The Mail Admin page displays all mailboxes and aliases for your domain.  webmaster is the default mailbox for new hosting accounts and can be deleted if not needed.

Reset a mailbox password

There is no need to know the current password to reset to a new password.

  1. Find the required email address card.
  2. When hovering over the card, the Reset/Edit functions become visible.
  3. Click Reset at the Password field.
  4. Delete the characters from the current password fields and replace them with your new password. The field will turn green when a strong enough password has been added.
  5. Click Reset password

Add or Edit Email forwarders

Email forwarding allows you to send a copy of emails received by an email address on your domain to another email address or even multiple email addresses.

  1. Go to the Mail Admin tool (as above).
  2. Find the required email address card.
  3. When hovering over the card, the Reset/Edit functions become visible.
  4. Click Edit at the Forwarders field. Any current forwarding addresses will be displayed.
  5. Add the forwarding address in the destination field for new forwarders, or delete current forwarders by clicking the X
  6. Click Save forwarder

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