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Is this the first time you’re setting up this email account? Then use our new email setup guide, rather than this troubleshooting guide.

Check account settings

Note: replace with your domain name

  1. Launch Mail
  2. Choose Mail > Preferences


Account settings

3. Choose the relevant account from the list on the left, and ensure that the Account Information is correct, specifically:

  • Account Type can be IMAP or POP
  • Incoming Mail Server is mail.(your domain name)  (or the specific server name or IP address of the domain)
  • User Name is the full email address
  • Password is correct – forgotten passwords can be reset in konsoleH yosemite-account-info

SMTP Server settings

4. At Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) click on the dropdown arrow and choose Edit SMTP Server list

5. On the Account Information tab ensure that:

  • Server Name is smtp.domain (or the specific server name or IP address of the domain)
  • TLS Certificate is None smtp-account-information

6. Click on the Advanced tab, choose the relevant account and ensure that:

  • Automatically detect and maintain account settings is not ticked
  • Port is 587
  • Use SSL is not ticked
  • Allow insecure authentication is ticked
  • User Name is the full email address
  • > OK


Incoming Mail Server settings

7. Back on the Accounts screen, click on the Advanced tab and ensure that the Incoming Server settings are correct, specifically:

  • Automatically detect and maintain account settings is not ticked
  • Port is 143 for IMAP (or 110 for POP)
  • Use SSL is not ticked
  • Authentication is set to Password
  • Allow insecure authentication is ticked

mac-accounts advanced


8. Click outside of that screen and Save settings when prompted on closing.

Your Yosemite Mail account is now setup correctly.

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