Help Article Setting up your email signature on Outlook

Let us help you with setting up your email signature on Outlook.

We have finalised your email signature, please kindly find them attached. You need to copy and paste ‘your’ signature with the social media icons into your signature box on your email account. The reason for copying and pasting is that everything has been hyperlinked (which means it’s clickable).

Once you copy and paste from the Word document don’t be concerned if you don’t see the images. They are embedded in the Word document and will pull through on the Outlook signature itself.

When editing the information (ie phone number/emails) please do so on the Word document first, before copying and pasting it into Outlook

Would you kindly send a test mail so that we can see if your signature is being ‘pulled’ correctly once you have loaded it? Also, if you require others for your staff, please send their details so that I can create them for you.

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